We provide two types of sample:
1. As an envelope (A.4) size Free of charge. Send e-mail with full address of where to send the sample and it will be sent 2nd Class on the same day. No charge.

2. As a bale, to be with you within 2 working days. These cost £7.50 each, including vat, and you can only have a maximum of two to any one address. The price is subsidised. You can either telephone us and give your card details over the phone or send us an e-mail giving your address and ask us to ring you and obtain the card details over the phone.

All the above applies to both products, Equisorb Flax or Equibed shavings.


For Full loads (16 or 20 pallets) or Half loads ( 8 or 10 pallets), either:

1. Telephone 01476 585 973 and ask for a quotation for whichever size(s) of load you require and which product you would prefer but we can always quote for both if wished for, or

2. Send an e-mail to, giving your nearest town and/or Postcode, again stipulating your preference for size of load and which product(s).

For 1 - 6 Pallet Quotations (with 36 bales/pallet)

These orders will in future be sold through our sister company Ltd where you will, on their website, be able to obtain pricing information for all quantities of both products from 1 Pallet to 6 Pallets and make your purchase on the same site. Until the e-commerce site for is up and running (a few weeks only), you can seek quotations from us you will be given the same price. The prices for Equisorb have come down in recent months so Equisorb is now highly competitive to most shavings.