Ordering and Delivery

Equisorb Flax or Equibed Shavings can be ordered in multiples of 36 bales on 1 - 6 pallets as follows:

1 Pallet:     36 bales
2 Pallets:   72 bales
3 Pallets:   108 bales
4 Pallets:   144 bales
5 Pallets:   180 bales
6 Pallets:   216 bales

Please call or email us. to obtain a quotation.

Full and Half Loads for Equisorb Flax and Equibed shavings

Full load: 16 Pallets of 48 bales/ Pallet = 768 bales
Half load: 8 Pallets of 48 bales/ Pallet = 384 bales

Please call or email us to obtain a quotation.


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For Half Loads and Full loads, there are two prices; one for 7 day payment and one for 30 days credit from date of Invoice. When asking for quote(s), please stipulate which you require and then order according to which price you have chosen.