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Equisorb is the UK's leading brand of flax bedding from Equisorb Supplies, the Sole Importer and National Distributor of 'Equisorb'.

Equisorb is a highly absorbent, natural, biodegrable, dust extracted and hygienic horse bedding. Very easy to use with exceptionally little wastage.

Because you need to use far less of it, Equisorb represents better value for money than any other type of premium equestrian bedding.

Equisorb flax bedding is an exceptional bedding in terms of the healthy stable environment and the value it delivers through its superior absorbency and minimal wastage. The bedding works by absorbing liquids at the base of the stable bed. The increased surface area of the bedding allows air to act as a natural cushion separating out the wet areas from the dry, resulting in the top layer of the bed remaining warm, soft and dry for the horse.

Equisorb Supplies introduce new Shavings product to fill gap in the Market

Equibed shavings are manufactured at a new, high technology plant in the South of England. These shavings are purpose-made, dust-free and are of an optimum size of flake to give maximum absorbency , coupled to a superb structure for the horse's bed.

Equibed has been extensively tested and used by William Fox-Pitt Eventing, sufficiently for his whole yard to go over to Equibed and with his recommendation for other shavings users to try Equibed.

"These shavings provide a superior volume spread and structure of bed with their diversity of flake size, it is difficult to compare or fault them." William Fox-Pitt