How to use Equisorb and Equibed


Equisorb is not like any other bedding. We strongly recommend you follow these suggestions to get the very best from your Equisorb bed.

Putting Down Your Equisorb Bed

Solid Floor (no rubber matting)
12’ x 12’ without banks

7 - 8 bales
Empty bales on floor, carefully tread down, add water if preferred, to establish as firm a base to the bed as possible. The bed will move a little initially, but will settle in 7/10 days. Settled depth needs to be 8” (20 cm)

Rubber Matting
12’ x 12’ with rubber matting

5 - 7 bales
Aim to cover at least half the total area to a depth of 6” to 8”. The bed will settle well in 7/10 days but must have a good depth in order to absorb the wet. Brushing the rubber matting up to the bed line will give the bed a firm edge.

Changing Over To Equisorb From Existing Bedding

Straw bed: take all the straw out.

Shavings or hemp bed: if clean, top up with Equisorb until original bed has gone. Full benefits of Equisorb will not be apparent until old bed has gone.

Managing Your Equisorb Bed

Remove droppings regularly, with rubber gloves or fork. Droppings will become easier to remove as the bed becomes established. Only remove wet material once or twice a week, topping up with sides or banks, and then top up sides with fresh material. Use a bedding fork to rake over surface, giving the bed a fresh, level finish, but disturb the under-part of the bed as little as possible.

Equisorb is a high performance bedding and, as such, needs care to maximise its benefits to both user and horse.


Equibed Shavings provide a high volume 'spread' from every bale and an excellent structure to the bed if you follow the guidelines below.

Putting Down Your Equibed

Solid Floor
12' X 12'

Without banks: 6 - 7 bales, initially
With banks: 7 - 8 bales, initially

Empty bales onto floor and using a conventional shavings fork, spread evenly round the stable to 8-9 inches in depth. This level will settle to less in the first week.

Rubber Matting
12' X 12'

4 - 6 bales (according to area of mats being covered)
To be effective, a minimum of the mattered area ( preferably a half) should be covered to 6-8 inches deep. Providing the stable has mats right up to the stable door, it is worth brushing up to a line, at least a metre in from the door and keeping water and hay on/above the un-bedded mat area either side of the door.

Changing over from other beddings

With virtually all beddings except pellets you can change over gradually, introducing Equibed at each top up, slowly replacing the existing bed.

A combination of Equisorb Flax and Equibed Shavings make a very compatible bed with the Equisorb on the bottom ( acting as an absorbent workhorse) and the Equibed on top providing structure and 'finish' to the bed as a whole.