Equisorb Supplies, founded and run by Robert Henson, has for some years only supplied Equisorb Flax bedding, which as a natural fibre bedding from an annual crop has stood the test of time and Equisorb has retained its position as the leading brand of flax bedding in the UK. It is now available in greater quantities than previous years and has come down in price significantly for such a good quality bedding.

Equibed Shavings is a recent addition to the range sold by Equisorb Supplies and is manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant, specifically manufacturing Equibed. The specification of Equibed shavings surpasses previous purpose-made shavings in that the flakes are smaller and finer, giving greater absorbency to the bedding and a much superior structure to the bed.

For simplicity, Equisorb Supplies deals with Half Loads and Full Loads of either product and gives advice on 'How to use' as well as providing quotes for any quantities from 1 pallet (36 bales) to 1 Load (up to 1,000 bales). Should however you wish to order from 1- 6 pallets of either product our sister company and shortly to become e-commerce site at: www.horsebedding.co.uk deals with the pallet orders which all come out of regional stores ensuring availability and prompt delivery times (maximum 4 working days).

Equisorb has had a long association with the Equestrian Distributive Trade whether as Wholesale Distributors or Retail Stockists and therefore offers a specific support service for the Trade by way of materials available for the trade premises or for mailing out . All these enquiries should be placed via Equisorb Supplies, initially by e-mail: Click here to email Equisorb Supplies.